Colour theme – blue is all around us

Blue is all around and we probably haven’t even realised it. It is the colour that calms, makes us tranquil and gives us emotional stability.


How many times do you look at a blue sky and feel your spirits rise or when looking at the sea feel intoxicated at the rolling crashing waves. The Paint and Paper Library with their hues of wonderful shades really encapsulate this, so it’s no surprise we love to use the colour blue in our homes when the emotions are unleashed. When I sat down to write this blog I hadn’t realised just how much of this colour I had naturally been drawn towards, either in paint choice or in choosing a decorative item or painting .

Cool blue, mixed with chalky whites and neutrals in the kitchen to give a soft bright feel. The entrance hall and staircase which has oak panelling works so well with a mid blue allowing it to draw the richer nutty colours out of the oak. Our study in contrast has a dark and moody blue/grey of a stormy sky which feels dramatic yet strangely comforting in an evening light. We pulled together a few of our favourite blue items, ideal for adding a touch of blue to a room scheme.

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