To me there is nothing more evocative of freedom, power and companionship than a horse. I have loved the horse for as long as I can remember. I had a poster as a child of Red Rum on my bedroom wall and I kissed his nose every night before I went to sleep. I’ve been lucky enough to have a few horses over the years , usually the ones that’s others have given up on or that have left the racing world.


So when I see anything equine on my travels I’m instantly drawn in . This time I found two small horses heads on a table amongst lots of other interesting bits and bobs .




When I picked them up I could see they were small maquettes, clearly sculptured by someone that loved and understood horses and their characteristics. When I enquired about them I found out they came from the workshop Dave Postin, a miniature rocking horse maker, whose work I later discovered is exquisite. These small heads would be made as a model in preparation for ideas for his new creation. To me they stand alone as small works of art .

You can see these small creations in the May sale, which don’t forget is from the 13th to 15th May.

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