Glass frogs

There’s a frog on your desk!
I’ve always loved pens, pencils and paintbrushes and one could say I have enough, but you know how it is?!
I’ve never been one for hiding them in a draw, but love having pots of them around the house and one always on my desk.
My favourite holder though, has to be the frog! Not the green croaking kind, but the round glass kind, almost honeycombed in appearance which come in many different sizes and colours.


They were originally used for holding flower stems into the bottom of vases, a design thought to have started around the 1900s.
The most common are the 9 hole variety, but less seldom found are the large holed domed frogs which look so impressive and beautiful in their own right. My collection on my desk tends to be more modest but are used to great effect.


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