How to use wallpaper to great effect

We shouldn’t be afraid of colour in our homes. A painted wall is fine but a wallpapered wall is a beautiful thing. Long gone are the days of woodchip paper which could hide a multitude of sins and then be impossible to remove if you fancy a change. The modern day wallpaper can give a real feeling of indulgence, luxury and humour to a room.

A rather difficult sloping ceiling in an attic bedroom or bathroom can be papered in with the other walls to give a greater feeling of space that way the illusion is created of the walls be pushed out.


bathroom (1 of 1)

seashell-wallpaper (1 of 1)-4

It’s always fun to wallpaper a tiny cloakroom, like stepping through the wardrobe into Narnia and let’s face it, you need something interesting to look at when you are in there! Wonderful illusions can be created also with wallpaper, from wooden panelling to give formality to a room.

fish-wallpaper (1 of 1)

fish-wallpaper (1 of 1)-2

wallpaper (1 of 1)-2

My favourite has to be a corridor lined with the ‘bookshelf ‘ illusion this works so well.


wallpaper (1 of 1)

Here are some of my favourite wallpaper producers to check out:

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