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Off we go again into the dawning light with two dogs and an old van. We have our lists ready headed, ‘try to find’, ‘ must find ‘ and the ‘something weird and slightly bizarre’! The last category is always fun.

We arrive and split up soon after, cor it’s cold – even the dogs are feeling the chill!

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A very fast tour to warm up and access the site in the gloomy light, allows us to see which dealers have arrived and who’s missing. This is the most tension filled half an hour, making our first purchase to get the day off to a flying start. It’s quality not quantity that matters. I’ve been to sales in the past and bought nothing. It’s the same as clothes shopping girls, you need to be in the mood and see desirables!

We see a great 1950’s table, check it over in detail with the torch, discuss cost and shake on a deal, done! First in the bag for the day. We’d been looking for really beautiful large ink wells for sometime but hadn’t seen any worth having in ages and then bingo, three come along at the same time (or is that about buses).They are real beauties, crystal glass with silver tops. I don’t suppose anyone will use them for the purpose they were designed, but their design is still so admired.

We love to meet up with some of the regulars and see what is new.

TGG blog

The banter and chat is as important as the buying, finding out what’s selling well, predicting trends on the up or down.

As the sky clears we can see much better and the stock is flowing out of the vans. Something catches my eye and looks fun, but what is it? I start to pull the blocks out from under the lorry, then I see them as I turn them around, a teapot and another, they are casts, moulds.

TGG blog - pottery moulds

I begin to recognise these from my youth from when I used to go and visit different ceramic factories in the Potteries, Stoke-on-Trent. I have always been fascinated about the place, our rich ceramic history and the potteries that are still creative and diverse producers today. These creamy coloured blocks are taking on a new lease of life and appeal, sculptural in their effect, some look like mystery items! I haven’t got a clue what these are but the effect and design is wonderful. An industrial item becoming modern day art .

TGG blog - pottery moulds

TGG blog - pottery moulds

These definitely go in to the ‘something weird and slightly bizarre’ category. We head out now for a well deserved hot chocolate and cheese and onion toastie, before collecting all our day’s purchases. We walk past a garden gnome and we’re sure he winked at us! Well you know what they say there’s ‘no place like gnome’, so we buy him too. Job done!

TGG blog - garden gnome

  • Christine

    Love those casts…one would make a fabulous, if weighty, bookend for my cookbook shelves!ReplyCancel

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