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I just love making my own Christmas wreaths and once I’m in the zone I find myself making them for family and friends in a hive of industry on the kitchen table.

They really are quite easy and I try not to plan too much in advance and go with whatever I find in the garden or a hedge. I then find the whole experience is much more spontaneous!

Here are a few simple guidelines to get you on the way to making your own Christmas wreath.

Simply take a 12″ oasis filled ring and soak in water whilst collecting your greenery and other interesting bits and bobs such as rosehips, berries, crab apples and dried seedheads from the garden or your local hedgerow.

wreath.collage9Get yourself organised before you start so you can see exactly what you have, saves time! Xmas-wreath

Take your soaked ring and tie string around the wreath and leave a loop at the top ready to hang later Take your most abundant evergreen, in my case Bay and cut into lengths of 4 to 5 inches and work around the outer edge to give a wonderful green framework.

wreath.collage1Next add another evergreen towards the centre, I’ve used Skimmia ‘ Kew Green ‘. Then add some wisps or longer lengths of foliage to act as a contrast to the shape. I’ve used blue cedar. wreath.collage2Check the overall shape and balance of the wreath by holding against the wall. Remove any overcrowding of the centre by cutting out a leaf or two. For contrast take a dark leaved plant such as Pittosporum ‘Tom Thumb ‘and work in small clusters in amongst the bay leaves. The small purple shiny leaves works so well against the dark green.   wreath.collage3Take some ivy leaves with berries and work these in towards the centre, not too many, less is more!. Xmas-wreath-2

Hold the wreath up and checked again for the balance.

wreath.collage4Now finally for the finishing touches, take rose hips or other similar berries and group into clusters. Tiny crabapples can be fixed using cocktail sticks and placed around 5 to 7 little apples works well. Finally invest in a good quality ribbon. Make it broad with a wired edge and a luxurious lustre. Fix it into place with wire. Remember this ribbon can last you for years, mine is already on the sixth and still going strong. wreath.collage5

wreath.collage8Hang on the door and enjoy. Merry Christmas! Tips. Use scented evergreens such as bay, Rosemary, sage, myrtle. If you haven’t got berries use budded twigs from shrubs such as Magnolia or Azalea. Spray seedheads gold and dot into add some sparkle! Finally, remember to re-soak your wreath every 3 to 4 days to keep it looking fresh. wreath.colllage7

With the wreath above,  I used Pieris japonica as my main evergreen with Boxwood wisps, variegated holly, hypericum berries, myrtle, and Hazel with catkins.

  • P Dalton

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