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A made to measure mannequin of one’s actual dimensions was a necessity for ladies and gentlemen of wealth and standing during the Victorian period.

These were generally papier mache torsos on a simple and elaborately carved stand. Torsos would have been curved and tucked to the general look of the day, hence the wasp waists and busseled behinds. Others would have been used in the grandest of stores to display the various dresses that could be made to order.


Of the mannequin makes and makers, one that is considered the best is E Gigorel, 7 Rue de Rebeval, Paris.

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Old mannequins are having a resurgence and finding a way into our modern homes. When they are as beautifully crafted as this. The exquisitively turned details on the arm sockets and neck are in mahogany and became really beautiful details as is the stand itself.

They can be used to decorate a bedroom or dressing room and are ideal for hanging necklaces, vintage furs, scarves or your favourite jacket.

I only started hunting for the vintage mannequins after staying in one of the Kit Kemps boutique hotels.

As with everything, finding the best is getting harder and when you find it, it’s well worth the money.

The mannequin featured in this post is for sale with Three Gates Gallery for £410.

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