Summer herb garden

Herbs at hand!

Growing herbs is one of those things I love doing. I have to admit when I’m busy in the kitchen it’s a pain to run around the garden looking for what I need, so the idea struck me when I saw vintage Dutch galvanised laundry tubs that I these would make the perfect mini herb gardens and could be kept by the back door. They are easy to plant and look after. When one herb is past its productive best, whip it out and replace.


To convert the laundry tub you need to:-

1. Drill holes in the base (about 12 holes should add enough drainage). Tip – place the tub bottom down on a lawn and use an electric drill to drill the holes from the inside – this way all vibration is taken out and you can really apply more pressure.


2. Fill with potting compost, mixing in sharp grit to add more drainage. Tip – Now I admit I didn’t do this, but I would recommend you fill with broken polystyrene trays, it will add drainage and make it much lighter.


3. Plant your favourite herbs. This could also be used for growing quick salad crops, such as rocket, oakleaf lettuce and baby spinach and water well.



  • Jamie

    Cool I was going to make a herb garden but I dident know how to do it.

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