The summer season is here

The summer season of eating alfresco, picnics by the sea and trips to the races is upon us.
I’m not sure if you are like me, but the look and style of the alfresco scene is as important as the food I serve. I love creating a look that appears relaxed and effortless!
Inspired by a trip to California this spring, I’ve gone vintage, but not ‘roses around the door’ vintage, I’ve gone red and white retro 1950s America with a few modern twists with Coca-Cola coolers and Dr Pepper soda trays for the food and drink.

Three Gates Gallery stock

Dr Pepper tray £38 (please e-mail for further details)

Coca-Cola is one of those iconic brands we all know. The 1950’s cavalier cooler from Chattanooga, Tennessee is no exception and still serves the purpose of an ice box. I love the detailed bottle opener on the side ready to pop a top. Of course these were originally for Coca-Cola vendors to sell cold sodas to folks, but nearly 60 years on these veterans have found a new lease of life.

I wouldn’t recommend carrying these a long distance, but it’s definitely more stylish than the bland plastic cold boxes you see today. Once filled with drinks and ice, keep in the back of your car, at your summer/beach house or by the pool ready for a cold beverage when the urge takes you.

Coca-Cola cooler box £220 (please e-mail for further details)

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